July 28, 2021

Xi Jinping castigates “foreign forces” and calls for “national rejuvenation”

Maybe it was just to avoid the heatwave, but the symbol is strong. It is the dawn of a new era that is supposed to have dawned on China, Thursday 1is July. Hence the unusually early morning schedule – 7:30 a.m. – at which the commemoration of the 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party began at Tiananmen Square, to which tens of thousands of Chinese, in a cheerful mood despite the sleepless night they had just passed, had the privilege of attending.

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The only regret of the hand-picked participants: the ban on the overwhelming majority of them – even those coming from distant Tibet – to bring their mobile phones to immortalize the event. The program had not been announced in advance. Those who expected a nice civilian parade were disappointed. After a few patriotic songs, the kickoff was given at 8 am with no less than 100 cannon shots and, in the sky, the passage of dozens of helicopters and fighter planes forming several symbols, including the “100 Of the anniversary. The tone was set.

In fact, Xi Jinping gave a speech for a little over an hour without the slightest sign of openness towards the West. Recalling that “Imperialists” had reduced China to the state of “Semi-colonies” after the opium wars in the mid-19th centurye century, the Secretary General has repeatedly insisted that only the Communist Party was in a position to achieve the “National rejuvenation” that the country calls, according to him, of its wishes. And beware of countries that claim to dictate his conduct. “The Chinese will never allow any foreign force to attack them, to oppress them, to make them slaves”, he said to applause, adding: “Anyone who wanted to do so would be faced with a bloodbath and a great wall of steel built by more than 1.4 billion Chinese. “

“A strong country needs a strong army”

Xi Jinping, who also chairs the central military commission, justified “The acceleration of the modernization of defense” from China. “A strong country needs a strong army”, he summed up. He did not say who threatened China, but the answer was obvious. He also spoke in the wake of the situation in Taiwan, this island whose independence China does not recognize and whose ties are growing closer with the United States. For Xi Jinping, reunification is a “Historical necessity”, but this martial tone is also to be put into perspective: Xi Jinping also spoke of “Peaceful reunification”, suggesting that he was not in favor of armed intervention. The presence – or not – of the adjective “Peaceful” when it comes to Taiwan is the main criterion of the chancelleries to analyze Beijing’s position on this hot topic.

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