August 3, 2021

Washington invites UN experts to investigate racism in US

The government of Joe Biden invited, Wednesday, July 14, UN experts to examine the record of the United States in terms of racism against African Americans, taking the opposite view of his predecessor Donald Trump.

State Secretary Antony Blinken welcomed the creation by the United Nations Human Rights Council of a group of experts to examine police violence against “People of African descent” committed around the world. “Responsible nations should not try to avoid evaluating their human rights record, on the contrary they should call on them with the intention of improving”, he said in a statement.

Two special rapporteurs invited to the United States

The head of American diplomacy therefore invited to the United States two UN special rapporteurs, specialists in contemporary forms of racism and issues targeting minorities, and called on other member states to participate in “This effort to fight racism, discrimination and xenophobia”.

This stance contrasts sharply with the posture adopted by former Republican President Donald Trump and his allies in the face of the giant demonstrations which rocked the United States after the death, on May 25, 2020, of the African-American George Floyd under the knee of a white policeman. Denying the existence of systemic racism in the United States, Donald Trump blamed the violence committed by the police on “Bad apples” and refused any criticism on the history of the country.

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This posture remains the majority within his party. “Rather than calling on the UN to come and tell us how racist we are, why don’t you ask it to go to Cuba, where a demonic socialist regime is rushing into the people to beat them and kidnap them? “, thus tweeted the Republican senator Marco Rubio in reference to the repression of historical demonstrations on the communist island.

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