July 25, 2021

“The power flies in broad daylight the international resolutions that it has ratified”

Tribune. Some 10,000 arrests – including more than 6,300 in the last four months -, 300 prisoners of conscience, 700 trials, ten complaints for rape and torture during police custody … This is the balance sheet, necessarily provisional, established at this day by the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) and the National Committee for the Liberation of Detainees (CNLD). His criticisms of the regime have even cost his post to a magistrate, struck off by his peers at the end of May. Repression is now the only response of the regime in place since 1962 to the peaceful citizen movement of Hirak, started on February 22, 2019 to demand neither more nor less than a rule of law.

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This repressive record is not enough for the Algerian power. He accompanies it with a conspiratorial discourse, considering the millions of marchers sometimes as useful idiots, sometimes as the auxiliaries of a vast plan of subversion of the country led by a triple Moroccan-Israeli-French alliance! To this end, two documentaries, produced by the communication and guidance service of the army and broadcast by state television, develop ad nauseam this ranting, with a lot of images of Israeli raids on Gaza and “analyzes” of in-house experts.

The power in place in Algeria has also broadened the concept of “terrorism” to include the simple fact of calling for a change of regime. Under this extension, any citizen calling for an end to the regime now risks having their name placed on a national terrorist list and being treated as such.

End of inadmissibility

Faced with such excesses, no less than 82 Algerian and international organizations, including LADDH, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and MENA Rights Group, wished, with rare unanimity, to appeal to the Council of rights of the United Nations on the abuses of a member country: Algeria, whose power flies openly to the international resolutions for the protection of human rights and against torture that it has initialed and ratified and whose the Constitution affirms that international treaties take precedence over national law.

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The detainees and their relatives, who represent all strata of Algerian society, the unemployed and students, journalists and lawyers, academics, doctors, bloggers, cartoonists and trade unionists, waited with great hope that the 47e session of the Human Rights Council publicly acknowledges the deplorable state of human rights in their country. This hope has been disappointed: the final resolution makes no mention of the Algerian case, even though Algeria has nothing to envy to the regimes condemned and denounced by the council during its 47e session. Has the approach of the 82 NGOs been the object of an inadmissibility? And if so, why ?

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