July 25, 2021

The organizations of Navalny designated as “extremist” by the Russian justice, the opponent replies that he “will not back down”

Russian justice designated Wednesday June 9 as “Extremists” the organizations of the imprisoned opponent Alexeï Navalny, a measure which allows their liquidation and increased repression of his supporters in the run-up to the legislative elections in September.

“It was recognized that these organizations not only voluntarily disseminated information inciting hatred and hostility towards the representatives of power, but also committed extremist crimes and offenses”Prosecutor Alexei Jafiarov told reporters after the decision was announced.

This judgment targets in particular the Fund for the fight against corruption (FBK), known for its resounding investigations into the lifestyle and embezzlement of Russian elites, and the regional offices of Mr. Navalny, which are in charge of organizing the demonstrations. and election campaigns.

“We will manage, we will adapt”

Started in the morning, Wednesday’s hearing lasted more than twelve hours, according to lawyers for the Komanda 29 team, which defended the FBK in particular and which announced its intention to appeal the decision. Mr. Navalny’s lawyers denounced in a press release “A closed-door trial with certain documents filed secrets ». “At the last hearing, all of the defense requests were dismissed and no sufficient evidence of guilt was presented”, they estimated. The prosecution welcomed a judgment “Legal and justified”.

“We will manage, we will evolve, we will adapt. But we will not shrink from our goals and our ideas. This is our country and we have no other ”, reacted Alexeï Navalny on his Instagram account after the announcement of the judgment.

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The outcome of this procedure left little doubt, the network of regional offices of Alexei Navalny having already been classified at the end of April in the list of organizations. “Extremists” of the financial monitoring service. As a result, he proceeded to self-dissolve to avoid prosecution of its members.

Justice on Wednesday ordered the liquidation of the remaining organizations, including the FBK. Training staff “Extremists” face heavy prison sentences in Russia.

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In addition, President Vladimir Putin enacted a law last week banning employees of organizations “Extremists” to participate in the elections, while legislative elections are scheduled for September.

In recent months, the repression has intensified against Mr. Navalny’s team, pushing several of its executives into exile, but also against independent media and other members of the opposition. Alexeï Navalny is serving a sentence of two and a half years in prison for a charge of fraud that he considers political.

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