August 5, 2021

Podcast. Forced unemployed women

In Jordan, when you are a woman, you have to impose yourself in order to work. To impose oneself to earn a living, to become independent. As a result, in this country, 85% of women are inactive. Not because they want to, but because cultural and structural brakes are imposed on them. Because they have children and they cannot have them looked after, because social norms prevent a woman from frequenting a male environment, because public transport is poorly developed… There are many reasons. To help them take the plunge, the Tanmyeh project, subsidized by the French Development Agency, offers short vocational training to women, whether Jordanian or Syrian refugee, so that they then have the necessary skills to work in the manufacturing sector or to create their own business.

In this second episode of the podcast “Women in struggle, a world struggle”, narrated by Julie Gayet, The world went to meet these women and those who allow them to enter the labor market. A report that echoes the work of sociologist and philosopher Dominique Méda, interviewed in this episode, who wrote on work, social policies, indicators of wealth and women.

Our series: “Women in struggle, a world struggle”, a new podcast from Le Monde

An episode directed by François-Charles Domergue, co-written by Elodie Ratsimbazafy and Joséfa Lopez, produced by Joséfa Lopez for The world and Wave. audio. Narration: Julie Gayet. Sound identity: François-Charles Domergue. Report: Laure Stephan. Graphic identity: Mélina Zerbib, Solène Reveney. Voice over: video team of World. Editorial preparation: Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Joséfa Lopez, Charlotte Bozonnet. Partnerships: Sonia Jouneau, Marianne Wachowiak, Valérie de L’Hortet, Hélène Guinaudeau. Partner: French Development Agency.

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