July 28, 2021

Pedro Sanchez pardons Catalan independence leaders and calls for a “new start” between Spain and the rebel region

It is arguably the most difficult decision taken by Pedro Sanchez since he came to power in Spain in 2018. The most courageous and the most necessary, too. In an extremely tense political climate, marked by a nauseating public debate, – on one side, the right and the extreme right crying out ” treason “And decided to take legal action, on the other hand, the Catalan separatists criticizing a” propaganda act ¬ĽAnd demanding “Amnesty and self-determination” –, the socialist head of the Spanish government has maintained the course he had set himself in order to appease the dispute with the rebel region. On Tuesday, June 22, he pardoned the nine Catalan independence leaders, sentenced in 2019 to terms ranging from 9 to 13 years in prison for ” sedition “And “Embezzlement”.

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Incarcerated for more than three years, following the unconstitutional referendum of 1is October 2017 and the brief attempt at secession that followed, they should regain their freedom once the measure, signed by King Felipe VI, published in the official bulletin, probably from this Wednesday, June 23.

Pedro Sanchez defended a decision of “public utility”, justified by the “need to restore living together and harmony” between Catalans and with the rest of Spain

In a brief address to the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, Mr Sanchez defended a decision by” public utility “, justified by the “Need to restore living together and harmony” between Catalans and with the rest of Spain. “The pardons directly affect nine people, but the Spanish government thinks above all of the hundreds of thousands of Catalans who feel in solidarity with their fate and of many others who think that they have been sufficiently punished”, he stressed.

Faced with numerous criticisms, – according to an Ipsos poll of June 16, 53% of the Spanish population is opposed to the measure, which has also received an extremely unfavorable opinion from the Supreme Court due, in particular, to the lack of repentance of the condemned – he recalled that grace is “Partial”. It only affects the penalties of deprivation of liberty, while the penalties of 9 to 13 years of ineligibility are maintained. In addition, it may be canceled in the event of a serious offense committed by the independents during the next three to six years.

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