July 25, 2021

Nursing coordinator says he has “no responsibility” for Diego Maradona’s death

The coordinator of nurses at the bedside of Diego Maradona, heard, Friday, June 18, by the Argentinian public prosecutor’s office, declared not to have “No liability” in the death of the former champion, carrying it over to ” doctors “ who cared for him.

“I explained that I was only responsible for the entry and exit times [des infirmiers]. I have no medical responsibility. I do not make any medical prescription, we depended on the decisions of the doctors who took care of it ” of the patient, said Mariano Ariel Perroni, 40, after his hearing. The coordinator was heard for about three hours by the prosecutor of San Isidro, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

“He explained that he never went to Diego’s house [Maradona], that he was not in contact with him. He gave some explanations on what the role of the coordinator is, which is a specific, one-off job, which consists of ensuring schedules ” nurses, said his lawyer Me Miguel Angel Pierri. “The medical directives emanated from the attending physicians”, had already pointed out the lawyer to the press shortly before the hearing, telling his client ready for a confrontation with the medical team.

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“Abandoned” to a slow agony

Mariano Ariel Perroni was questioned as part of an investigation for “manslaughter with aggravating circumstances” opened by the prosecution to determine whether the former Argentine champion was ” abandoned “ to a slow agony for lack of adequate care.

He is the third member of the healthcare team to be heard after nurse Ricardo Almiron, who looked after Diego Maradona at night, and his colleague Dahiana Madrid, responsible for watching him during the day. The nurses’ lawyers heard first on Monday and Wednesday had also relieved their clients of all responsibility.

“There is a responsibility of the attending physicians. There were a lot of red flags that Maradona was going to die overnight. And none of the doctors did anything to prevent it ”said Wednesday Me Rodolfo Baqué, defender of Dahiana Madrid. “They killed Diego”, he said, with reference to neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov and psychologist Carlos Diaz, the three doctors who must testify by June 28 before prosecutors.

The two nurses also stressed that they had not been informed that the former star was suffering from heart problems. They also indicated that the house chosen for the convalescence of Diego Maradona after the extraction of a clot in the head was not equipped for a patient with pathologies of the heart.

“Behavior not in tune with the emergency situation”

The nurse coordinator had already assured at the beginning of the investigation that his role was purely administrative and organizational and that he was simply handing over the nurses’ attendance register to the home hospital medical coordinator, Nancy Forlini, who was summoned on Monday.

Prosecutors believe, however, that he had “Full knowledge of what has been done and what has not been done” by the nurses and reproach him for having had “Behavior that is little in tune with the emergency situation”.

The captain of the world champion team in Mexico City in 1986, who suffered from kidney, liver and heart problems, died on November 25, 2020 of a heart attack alone at his residence in Tigre, north of Buenos Aires. , just weeks after having brain surgery for a blood clot. He was 60 years old.

In early May, an expert report concluded that the former player had been “Abandoned to his fate” by his healthcare team, whose treatment “Inadequate, deficient and reckless” had led him to a slow agony.

The seven members of the health care team risk being referred to a court depending on the findings of the investigation, and possibly sentences of eight to twenty-five years in prison.

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