July 28, 2021

“Nobody punishes anyone”, maintains the Hungarian Minister of Justice

Judit Varga is Minister of Justice in the government of Viktor Orban in Hungary.

Viktor Orban signed a letter on Friday July 2 with Marine Le Pen. Its formation, the Fidesz, is it now a party of the extreme right?

This letter is very important because here in Central Europe we have a very clear vision of the future of Europe. This vision is perhaps still in the minority and does not correspond to the current mainstream, but we must return to strong member states for a strong Europe. Everyone is free to join us or not in this position, the subject is not the one future relations of Fidesz with European policy.

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So you do not yet believe in a new political group in the European Parliament with Marine Le Pen

This is not the question at the moment. For now, it’s about providing truly conservative political representation to the citizens of Europe.

In this declaration, you mention the creation of a new body made up of national constitutional judges. Is it intended to replace the Court of Justice of the European Union?

The treaties say what comes under the competences of the EU and the states. Constitutional courts are the ultimate guardian of national identities, which are also a European value according to Article 4 of the Treaty on European Union. So having a national identity is not in contradiction with the treaties, but is part of European cooperation. But for some time now, there has been a tendency for the Brussels administration not to accept what falls within the competence of national courts, and this body could provide the expertise to decide when there is a conflict. The question is: who has the jurisdiction to decide who has the jurisdiction?

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When we joined the EU, there were very clear rules in the treaties, but over the past twenty years the EU no longer operates strictly in accordance with the treaties, especially on social or immigration issues. In these areas, the competences of States must be respected.

Viktor Orban has been named an enemy of press freedom by Reporters Without Borders. Why do you continue to curtail press freedom in Hungary?

I refuse this question: nobody represses nobody. In Hungary, we have a balanced media landscape, with 40% conservative views and still a majority of liberal views. In Western Europe, the liberal and progressive press dominates, with around 80%, but it is not balanced! Here, thank God, we have real freedom of opinion and pluralism. Here, the public media contains facts and conveys information of government actions just like in other countries. I read The world, Release, The evening, the Guardian, they are extremely leftist media.

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