July 25, 2021

New rape charge against singer Marilyn Manson

The American singer Marilyn Manson was the subject, Friday, May 28, of a new complaint for rape, this time from an ex-girlfriend who also accuses him of having forced her to watch a video in which he sexually assaults a young fan.

The complaint against Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, was filed in Los Angeles by a young woman whose identity is not disclosed and who says she started dating the singer in 2011. She accuses Manson of the to have “Repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted”.

According to the complaint, Manson showed him a video in which he ties a young fan to a chair to humiliate and insult her, before forcing her to drink a glass of urine and threatening her with help. of a gun.

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“A fictional short film”

A member of Manson’s entourage denied the accusations on Friday, while a source close to the singer assured the video was “A short fictional film” which features an adult actress and which has never been made public.

Last month, actress Esmé Bianco filed a complaint against the singer, accusing him of rape, sadistic sexual assault and repeated violence. Several women, including actress Evan Rachel Wood, have also accused Marilyn Manson of similar facts, which the latter denied.

Last February, the Los Angeles police announced to investigate accusations of violence within the framework of the couple against the singer, relating to acts committed between 2009 and 2011, without however revealing the identity of the victim (s).

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