July 25, 2021

Murder of young homosexual beaten to death shakes Spain

The murder of Samuel Luiz, a young man beaten to death last weekend, shakes Spain. Important demonstrations took place there, Monday, July 5, to denounce a «Crime homophobe.

Samuel Luiz, a 24-year-old nurse’s aide, was found unconscious outside a nightclub in La Coruña, northwestern Spain, after being beaten up. The emergency services failed to revive him and he died on Saturday morning, say the Spanish media.

“Justice for Samuel. Homophobia and fascism are the same ”, proclaimed a gigantic banner held by demonstrators who left the famous Puerta del Sol square in Madrid on Monday evening, AFPTV noted.

A crowd of several thousand protesters, some of whom waved the flag of pride, had responded to the call of many LGBT + groups demanding “Justice for Samuel”, as the participants shouted. “These are not blows, they are assassinations”, chanted the crowd. « Stop homophobie », “All I want is to live” or “They are killing us”, could we read on some signs.

Homophobic crime according to relatives

Since his death, his relatives have denounced a homophobic crime, just a few days after the end of Pride Week in Madrid, an important moment of the LGTB + festivities.

Demonstrations took place Monday evening in other Spanish cities, such as La Coruña, often bringing together several hundred people, according to photos and videos posted on social networks.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the Spanish interior minister, stressed that there had been no arrests for the moment and that“No track was ruled out, neither that of hate crime, nor any other”.

“I am convinced that the police investigation will soon find the perpetrators of Samuel’s assassination and shed light on the facts. It is a savage and merciless act. Rights and freedoms will not go back. Spain will not tolerate it “Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted Monday evening.

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