August 3, 2021

Join the Communist Party, the holy grail of the red elite in China

By Frédéric Lemaître

Posted today at 01:09

On this April 9, Mme Zhou Shaoxin is very happy: ” It’s my birthday “, entrusts this executive of the Training department of the Central Bank of China. We congratulate her, a little surprised all the same by this sudden familiarity, before she specifies: “I have been a member of the Communist Party for twelve years today. [PCC] ! »

A few years ago, this 49-year-old probably wouldn’t have mentioned this date in front of a stranger. But in March 2019, the CCP urged its 90 million members (92 million today, or 6.6% of the population) to celebrate their “Political anniversary”. The injunction did not come from just any Party body: the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection. Suffice to say that it is not a question of taking out party favors and confetti; what matters is the “Fidelity to initial commitments”.

“When Party members take a solemn oath under the Party’s red flag, it means that they are solemnly pledging to sacrifice everything to the Party, explain the guardians of the temple. A moment of such importance should be deeply remembered. “ In the same vein, in the fall of 2019 the CCP began to use the blockchain – this technology which makes it possible to store and transmit information without being able to modify it – to make the initial commitments of members indestructible …

Passers-by under a bas-relief retracing the history of the Chinese Communist Party, in Yan'an (Shaanxi province), June 12, 2021.

Two years of “training”

Mme Zhou has another good reason to remember the date of this anniversary: ​​this membership crowned his perseverance. Even for a woman raised like herself in a communist family and having studied Marxism at university, the process takes about two years. President Xi Jinping himself has never concealed that he had been failed nine times before obtaining his card in 1974, due to the problems of his father, at the time exiled in the provinces by Mao.

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Joining the national elite requires, of course, to apply by sending a letter of motivation to the local Party cell. There are more than 4.6 million, both in the neighborhoods and in companies (including foreign ones), associations and the army, placed since 1927 under the authority of the CCP. Once the principle of his candidacy has been selected, the applicant must provide more information about himself, but also about his entourage. Two Party members are responsible for carrying out the investigation.

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