July 25, 2021

India will not be able to immunize all adults by the end of the year

New setback in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in India. At the beginning of May, when the second wave of the epidemic submerged the giant of South Asia (1.38 billion inhabitants), the public agency NITI Aayog, which accompanies Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his political decisions, had asserted that the country would obtain “2.16 billion doses between the months of next August and December”. Enough to vaccinate without worry, with two doses, the entire adult population by the end of the year, or about 940 million people.

On Friday July 2, one of the leaders of NITI Aayog, Vinod K. Paul, who heads the “Covid-19 Task Force” on behalf of the government, caused a cold shower by declaring that this forecast of 2.16 billion euros doses was actually based on “An optimistic and ambitious assessment” of what vaccine manufacturers are reportedly on track to deliver to India by the end of the summer.

Takeover by the Federal State

The Supreme Court having ordered the Modi government to clarify its roadmap, while many regions are facing a shortage, a senior official of the Ministry of Health told magistrates on June 26 that over the current period of August to December, the country could only count for the moment “Out of 1.35 billion doses”.

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On Sunday July 4, the total number of doses administered in India stood at 351.2 million but, according to the Our World in Data website, only 4.5% of the population received two doses, or about 62 million people. . While it had decentralized vaccine supplies at the end of April, the federal state took over, on June 21, orders and distribution in the field. Immediately, the rate of vaccinations jumped, with 9 million doses inoculated during the single day of June 21, against 3 million per day on average, previously. Officials of the ruling BJP party then rushed to social media to praise the “Visionary leadership” by M. Modi.

“In less than twenty-four hours, it nevertheless became clear that the regional elected representatives of the BJP had previously amassed vaccines, to allow the miracle of a single day. The next day, when the figures were halved, experts stressed the urgency of vaccinating at least a million people per day to achieve collective immunity by December “, relates Tavleen Singh, columnist at theIndian Express.

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