July 26, 2021

In Sochi, Putin and Lukashenko stand together against Europeans

This is the only slight twist to a well-run scenario. While Russia assures that the cancellations of flights from European companies to its territory, which have occurred in recent days, are only the result of ” technical problems “, Alexander Lukashenko sells the wick, too happy to show his gratitude: “Fortunately, Russia refuses planes that bypass Belarus… That they immediately felt! “

“They”, it is the West who unjustly persecute the Belarusian president and want “Suffocate” since forcing an Irish airline Ryanair to land on its territory to arrest an opponent on May 23. On this point, that of European hypocrisy, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Poutine are in complete agreement. “The plane of the Bolivian president, at the time [en 2013, l’appareil dans lequel voyageait le chef d’Etat Evo Morales, de retour de Moscou, avait été détourné vers l’Autriche], they forced it to land… and then nothing, silence! “, jokes the Russian president in an excerpt broadcast by television.

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During their third meeting of the year, Friday May 28 in Sochi, on the shores of the Black Sea, the two presidents focused on making this episode which aroused great emotion in the world a non-event. “I brought you some documents so that you understand what it is about”, suggests Mr. Lukashenko, however, pointing to a small briefcase that he has placed next to his chair, without provoking excessive curiosity in his interlocutor.

What could it be question, since the Kremlin again repeated, Thursday, that it had no reason to doubt the explanations of Minsk, who maintains to have diverted the plane only because of a bomb threat of the Palestinian movement Hamas – received however after a fighter had taken off to intercept it – without knowing that the opponent and journalist Roman Protassevich was on board? In Russia, the subject has largely disappeared from the media.

The importance given to the theme of “integration”

As if to better show his support, Mr. Putin even showed unusual warmth towards his host, offering him to go swimming in the waters of the Black Sea. Mr. Lukashenko may consider himself “At the front”, as he said, the proposal was accepted. Evacuated the non-topic of the Ryanair flight and, past the courtesies, the two men got down to business – the “Good trend bilateral trade ‘ and the deepening of ” the integration “ between the two countries, the main theme on the agenda of the meeting.

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