July 26, 2021

In Peru, Keiko Fujimori persists in refusing to recognize presidential results

She had promised that she would respect the results of the presidential election on June 6. However, the day after the vote, seeing victory slipping away from her, Keiko Fujimori, the candidate for the populist right-wing authoritarian tendency, launched a legal offensive to contest the results. First by launching accusations of “Systematic fraud” baseless, when all observers welcomed elections without irregularities – casting shame on the ballot. Then, by sending its lawyers to file requests for invalidation of some 200,000 votes (mainly for alleged falsification of signatures), risking further destabilizing a country weakened by one of the most aggressive and polarized electoral campaigns in its history.

Thus, seven days after the poll, Peru still does not have an official winner. Pedro Castillo, candidate of the left of the left, leads with a short lead of 48,000 votes which at this stage seems insurmountable. According to the estimates of the investigative media IDL-Reporters, 38,700 votes are at stake, among the 200,000 mentioned by Mme Fujimori – most disputes are no longer admissible because they arrived outside the legal deadline. Even if 100% of the disputed votes were overturned, Pedro Castillo would win.

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However, the electoral body did not declare an official winner, waiting for the National Election Jury (JNE) to rule on the votes which are the subject of contestation, especially as Fuerza Popular, the party of Mr.me Fujimori, threatened to appeal. Pedro Castillo, who had given several victory-like speeches in the past week, has recently been more cautious, urging his supporters not to give in to provocation and calmly wait for the final count.

Hate Campaign

But the account of the fraud created great tensions and had the effect of dividing the population even further. On Saturday June 12, thousands of supporters of Keiko Fujimori gathered in the center of Lima, the capital, to “Defend their vote” and “Defend democracy”. “The most important thing is that you do not surrender”, exclaimed Mme Fujimori.

On social networks, the Fujimorists launched a hate campaign, inciting their supporters to harass public figures, journalists, artists and politicians critical of their leader, under the instruction #ChapatuCaviar (“catch your caviar”, in reference to the left caviar). Other supporters gathered in front of the house of the President of the Election Juror, shouting insults.

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