August 3, 2021

In Cuba, the government takes a first step in the face of shortages

A first measure to appease the population, in Cuba, three days after historic demonstrations. The government announced, Wednesday, July 14, temporarily authorizing residents to bring back food, medicines and hygiene products without paying taxes and without limit of value.

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The government decided to“Authorize on an exceptional and temporary basis the importation by passengers, in their suitcases, of food, hygiene products and medicines, without limit of value and without customs taxes”, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero said on television, alongside President Miguel Diaz-Canel and several ministers. “It is a measure that we take until December 31”, he clarified.

One of the demands of the population

Facilitating the entry to the island of basic goods was one of the demands of the Cuban population, faced with serious shortages. In an open letter published recently, a group of academics and intellectuals had called for just such a measure.

The Minister of the Economy, Alejandro Gil, announced to him the end of the limit imposed on salaries in state enterprises, which were subject to a strict salary scale.

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Cuba was shaken Sunday by unprecedented demonstrations that erupted in some forty towns and villages with cries of ” We are hungry “, ” Freedom “ and “Down with the dictatorship”. The mobilisations, some of which continued on Monday, left one dead, more than 100 detainees and injured, and raised concern in the international community.

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