July 28, 2021

Imran Khan is “not sure” whether Uighurs are victims of repression in China

Always quick to denounce the Islamophobia which, according to him, is gnawing at Europe and the United States, Imran Khan deliberately turns a blind eye to the persecutions to which the Uighurs, a Muslim minority settled for the most part at the gates of Pakistan, are victims. the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Interviewed, Sunday, June 20, by a journalist from the American news site Axios, the Pakistani prime minister questioned the severe repression exercised in western China by the Xi Jinping regime against 11.5 million Turkish-speaking Sunnis living in this region for centuries.

On the arbitrary detentions, torture, sterilization campaigns and forced labor of which the Uighurs are notoriously victims, one million of whom are detained in camps in “Deradicalization”, regularly denounced by the UN, Mr. Khan declares that he does not “To be sure of what we are saying” and retorts that, “According to the Chinese, this is not the case”. As if he hadn’t heard the amount of testimonials or seen the satellite images that have been reaching the world since 2017.

“Whatever problems we have with the Chinese, we talk to them behind closed doors”, just repeats Mr. Khan. The former captain of the national cricket team, in power since August 2018, argues that China “Was one of the greatest friends” of Pakistan. “When we were really in trouble, when our economy was struggling, China came to our rescue. We therefore respect his way of being ”, he explains.

Mass internment

Does he remain silent because of the tens of billions of dollars that Beijing is injecting into its country, many in the form of loans, to the point of today representing about two-thirds of foreign investment in Pakistan? “I’m watching what’s going on in Palestine, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan… Will I start talking about everything? I focus on what is happening at my border, in my country ”, he claims to evoke the question of Kashmir, which Pakistan has been disputing with India since 1947.

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According to him, “100,000 Kashmiris were killed” and “9 million imprisoned” since then, while “800,000 Indian soldiers are posted” on the ceasefire line. However, the West is showing“Hypocrisy”, argues Mr. Khan, with regard to a situation “Which concerns Pakistan more than what is happening anywhere else in the world”. And especially in China, where the mass internment of Muslims can obviously continue with its approval.