August 5, 2021

Benyamin Netanyahu leaves power in a storm

In his fall, Benyamin Netanyahu borrows from his American “friend”, Donald Trump. Certainly, his disappointed supporters do not intend to invade Parliament in Jerusalem, as in January those of Mr. Trump, the Capitol, in Washington. The outgoing Israeli prime minister does not question the outcome of the last ballot either, unlike the Republican president. But he strives to undermine the legitimacy of those who replace him.

On Sunday, June 13, far-right and then Likud deputies upset the parliamentary session where the democratic transition was taking place. In this cacophony, the future Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, led his speech, worried, nervous at first, then ending up enjoying it.

At the end of twelve years of uninterrupted reign, Mr. Netanyahu seized the desk in the calm regained, before the vote of confidence of the deputies, to denounce with bitterness ” lies “, the “Deception” that, according to him, inflicted on the voters « fake » right (false, in English) of Mr. Bennett, siding among his opponents.

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Mr. Netanyahu did not have a word of encouragement for his successor, but he conceded a brief handshake to Mr. Bennett. If this Sunday draws his mode of action in the future, he seems determined to paralyze the government from outside. He claims to be responsible to three million right-wing voters and to the history of the Jewish people. He believes Mr. Bennett does not have the stature to oppose the Iranian nuclear threat, nor the Democratic administration in Washington, which he challenged one last time.

The “jealousy” of “impatient” rivals

As possible Republican candidates for the US presidential election in 2024 have succeeded each other in Jerusalem in recent days, Mr. Netanyahu drew a parallel between the desire of President Joe Biden to revive the 2015 international agreement on Iranian nuclear power and the failure of his predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to bomb the railroad tracks that led to the Nazi extermination camps before the end of World War II. Constant for two years, Mr. Netanyahu still confuses the fate of Israel with his own, saying that he “Intends to continue the mission of [sa] life “.

This interminable fall of the Netanyahu house has little to do with the previous one. In 1999, he graciously conceded his defeat to Labor Ehud Barak, after three years of a chaotic first term. Twenty minutes after the first exit polls, he asked Likud voters to respect democratic fate. Then he left the party leadership, before his rivals came forward, and relinquished his mandate in the Knesset. Mr. Netanyahu cursed this choice for a decade. He only returned to power in 2009, with the firm intention of “Never let go of the wheel”, in the words of his predecessor, Ariel Sharon.

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